Nanolife o3 Hospital Sterilisation Chamber

Nanolife o3 Hospital Sterilisation Chamber

I)Nanolife Hospital Disinfection Tray Produces ozone gas that has strong oxidation function and catalysis.Any pathogen available in the Hospital accessories to be treated for sterilization will get interacted with free radical in the ozone gas ,which make protein dissociation and de neutralization. The activity of nucleic acid and enzyme is reduced ,thereby it can disinfect and sterilize.

II)Ozone sterilizes broad-spectrum which can kill all kinds of virus and bacteria

III)Ozone has physical and chemical  reaction of  degradation and oxidation  with formaldehyde, carbon dioxide ,di methyl benzene and others toxic gas and harmful gas;and innocuity ,no poison and no secondary pollution

IV)This machine uses stainless steel crust

V)It shows by LCD,This machine has alarm and control interactive sytstem .Ozone concentration is monitored on-line omni distance