Nano guard DW 365 Ag+ Shield provides hydrophobic surfaces (painted, stainless, plastic and natural stone) with reliable silver ion technology protection against a range of viruses and microbes.

Nano guard Dura Ag+ Shield forms an ultra-thin barrier with a strong chemical bond that is permanent and durable. Once applied to the surface, the nano coating resists damage caused by mechanical (abrasive) and chemical (cleaning) action, as well as general weathering.

Nano guard DW 365 Ag+ Shield is a Nano antiviral/ antimicrobial coating that is best suited to clear view windows, commercial stainless-steel kitchens, domestic kitchens (including quartz worktops and ceramic hobs), children’s outdoor play equipment’s and many more.

The invisible layer of quartz and ceramic polymers with an antiviral /antimicrobial property will maintain the value of the coated surface for a sensible price.
• DIY spray and professional formulations are available for the automobile, home, corporate office and for industrial sectors – whichever floats your boat!
• An extensive viral and microbial protection with outstanding durability makes this technology worth the money.

Tests Conducted and Passed
 Antiviral Test for non absorbent surfaces as per ISO: 21702 (99.99% SARS CoV-2 virus neutralization achieved)
 Antibacterial Test for non absorbent surfaces as per ISO:22196:2011 (99.9% bacterial kill efficiency@ achieved)
Antiviral /Antimicrobial Specifications
 Backed by Superior Ag+ technology
 Inhibits the growth of virus, bacteria and microbes.
 Nano silver technology has also proven effective against SARS-CoV-2 virus.
 Active Silver particles can be integrated homogeneously into all substrates as easily as usual dye pigments.
 Ag+ technology does not contain any unnecessary filler & is processable at high temperatures as the stability of the Ag particles are excellent even at temperatures above 300°C.
 NANO GUARD DW 365 is non-toxic to humans and animals.
DISCLAIMER: This is not a medical device & for use only as a paint/ coating, does not guarantee against infections and is not a cure.

Key Features of NANO GUARD DW365 Shield
 Broad-spectrum antiviral & antimicrobial action
 Hydrophobic and Non-Stick: water and dirt repellence offers long-term protection and facilitates cleaning
 Graffiti and stain protection: barrier properties of ultra-dense ceramic and quartz structures protect from dirt and contamination ingress.
 Scratch protection: surfaces are more resistant to wear and tear
 Corrosion prevention: ultra-density halts rust at source
 UV-protection: anti-aging preserves valuable surfaces
 High temperature resistance: No change in characteristics under intensive heat.
 The perfect finish: Color enhancement and gloss bring outstanding aesthetics to surfaces.
 Easy-to-apply: Perfect finishing is achieved without the need for special training.

Application Areas
Home, Hotels and Offices, Hospitals ,ed .institutions etc
NANO GUARD DW365 Shield provides long lasting antiviral / antimicrobial property, guard against scratches in the interior design of hotel rooms, kitchen or cafeteria worktops made of quartz, granite and marble etc. Nano guard DW365 Shield coating provides protection from hand and fingers stains on structured surfaces such as reception desk, stainless steel surfaces, on decorative items, elevators and handrails. Our coating also provides long-lasting protection from UV radiation and acid rain on aluminum, synthetic or stainless steel surfaces.

Aviation, Marine and Metro
Nano guard DW365 Shield provides reliable protection against viruses and microbes along with any kind of damage on high gloss surfaces in marine, metro and aviation. When companies or governments invested in these sectors they look for best performance in every condition,

Nano guard DW365 Shield coating provides that protection with chemical stability.
• Provide scratch resistant surfaces
• Corrosion resistance for metal surfaces.
• Provide anti-wear and tear property for decorative elements.
• Facilitates easy cleaning dirt or water residues.

Using vehicles always carries risks – damage occurs regularly. Our

Using vehicles always carries risks – damage occurs regularly. Our Nano guard DW365 Shield coating technology provides a solution for that.
• Protection of vehicles body against microbes, scratches, dirt and aging.
• High durability of decorative plastics and headlights.
• Resistance against corrosion.
• Nano guard DW365 Shield coating for automobiles is DIY(Do it yourself).

Technical Information:

Coverage: 1500- 2000 Sq. feet/ Ltr
Drying time: 24-48 hrs
Chemical Resistance ~ pH1-pH13
Minimum thickness of coating: ~600-3000nm
Temperature stability: ~ 250 o C -450 o C

Technical information
Physical state : liquid (transparency : 100%)
Colour : according to specification
Odour : characteristic
Reactivity : Stable under recommended transport or storage
conditions. Vapours may form explosive mixture with
Chemical Stability : Product is stable under normal conditions according of
handling and storage. (pH 1-13)
Layer Thickness : 600-3000nm
Hydrophobic : 100° and 110° (20μl)
Oil Resistance : No
Slip angle : <20° Thermal Stability : 600°C permanent Weather Resistance : 3500h pursuant to ISO 11507 A Durability : >30,000 cycles pursuant to ISO 11998
Salt Water Resistance : Yes