Nanolife O3 Analyzer

Nanolife O3 Analyzer

Model No.NLO3AN-01

Measurement method:UV light double optical receiver with high precision measurement

Light source system:German long-life ultraviolet lamp (253.7 nm wavelength);

Detection range:0-200 g/m3 (extensible 0~350mg/L);

Display resolution:0.01 g/m3;

Input gas flow:1.0L+_0.2L/min;

Input pressure:<0.1MPa;

Zero shift:< ±0.1%.FS(MAX:±0.3 g/m3);

Responsive time:<2S

Sampling port diameter:Φ6(6mm*4mm)

The accuracy of detection:±3%%

Communication mode:RS-485;

Output mode:4-20mA,linearity;

Power:AC 220V;


Weight: 5kg