NANO GUARD MICRO 365 Surface Shield is an antiviral product developed by NANO GUARD Nano Sciences
and Ozone Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Using Nano silver technology, this product is capable of killing up to 99.99% virus
(as perantiviral test for non absorbent surfaces as per ISO: 21702 against SARS CoV-2) on any non-absorbent
solid surface. The tried and tested nano silver technology helps in not only tackling bacteria and fungus, but also
helps in fighting viral spread and growth. Its high coverage area per litre and durability over time makes it a better
coating than any other product.
Application Areas
It can cover a plethora of non-absorbent solid surfaces making it useful in various application areas like:
1) Plastics (Tables, chairs, delivery box and packets)
2) Glass surfaces (windows, glass tables, mirrors)
3) Metal surfaces (stairway railings, gates, door handles)
4) Ceramics and various other surfaces (elevator buttons, switches, knobs)
5) Stone, Concrete, Brick, terracotta
Along with a strong antiviral property, it also provides additional benefits like:
1) Hydrophobicity
2) Longer durability time
3) Dirt repellent
4) Easy application
5) Variety of surfaces covered with one product
6) Smooth finish
7) Scratch resistance
Product Description
Product Code : NG-EW3
Product Variants: NG-EW3-L (Slight grade)
NG-EW3-M (Significant grade)
NG-EW3-H (Strong grade)
Epoxy based base coating along with active silver
Shelf life:
as antiviral agent.
2 years from day of order

Technical information
Appearance: Transparent (may have yellowish tinge depending on
Specific gravity: 1.39
Stability: Stable under normal conditions.
Chemical incompatibility: Not established
Hazardous polymerization: Will not occur.
Hazardous decomposition products: Carbon monoxide, Carbon dioxide
Pre-Cleaning steps
 Recommended to use gloves while using this product.

 Clean the surface and make it dry and dirt free.

 Shake the coating well before use.
Coating Application steps
 The coating is easy to handle and simple do-it-yourself application makes it easier for
end customers to apply it.

 Mix component A and component B together and stir it well for 10 minutes. Use thinner
for achieving proper viscosity.

 Pour the mixture in a wide mouth container.

 Use a paint brush or roller to apply it on the surface.

 Let it dry for 24 hours for curing.
Note: Drying and ageing Times time is subject to proper conditions such as temperature and
humidity, good airflow and film build of the topcoat
Post Cleaning Care
 Remove any stains over coated surface using MICRO 365 fiber cloth.

 Remove all dirt using a clean cloth or duster. Always remove dirt from top to bottom, It helps
dirt to smudge.
 Do not use any other coating after using MICRO 365 Surface Shield.

 Post care will increase the protection time.

Safety Features
 Keep out of reach of children.
 May be harmful if swallowed. In case of ingestion seek immediate medical attention.

 Wear eye protection during application. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with
plenty of water and seek medical advice.
 In case of skin contact immediately wash skin with soap and plenty of water. Get
medical attention if irritation develops.

 Avoid inhalation of coating vapour. It is recommended to wear suitable mask during use
and preparation.

 Left-over cleaners/containers should not be disposed in soil/drains. Consumers should consult
a local recycling agency for proper disposal of paint/drums.
 Apply at room temperature.

 Stir well before use.

 Use coating on small surface before using on large surface for test results. (coating may leave
a yellowish tinge on the surface)
 Ensure the surface is fully covered/ wet by the coating.
 After mixing component A and component B, use the entire mixture or else it will get dry
and unfitforusage.Usewithin3hoursofmixingthe components.
 To get best results, mix entire pack of component A and B and use at once.
 This is not a medical product, should not be used on the body.
 Keep it in dark and cool place

 Could be stored for 24 months in ambient condition and original packing.

 Use within 3 hours of mixing the components.